ISSO England Squad Team

WKF accredited World Championship

ISSO World Cup – Montenegro 2013

Specialized for worldwide Shotokan and Shitoryu schools

World ISSO championship is open to members of WKF & traditional affiliated national governing bodies and competitors not in contravention of WKF statute 21.9

Date: 27-29 September 2013 – see the bulletin on home page


  • Kata: shotokan and shitoryu (only)
  • Kumite: WKF rules plus Shobu Ippon as a category
  • All equipments must be WKF approved
  •  The entry fee for the participants is 30€ per person per category (+10€ if participate in two categories).
  • All participants including veterans, seniors, cadets and juniors male-female must have a valid WKF ID card .
  • Entry fee for kata or kumite team 60€

All participants should send a digital copy of their passport (all nationalities welcome) along with the competition fees to EKDF secretary, 35 Philbeach Gardens, London, SW5 9EB

  • Let us know your participation category/categories, email address, mobile number, date of birth and home address (no later than 17th of June)